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Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our products.  Just from the beginning the main aim of BABY CITY LTD Publisher is to present in a clear and friendly way the tools for intellectual, psychomotor development for preschool kids and the older ones. Books, music, fun and dancing together are equal EDUCATION. We follow this motto in the process of preparing new proposals, which are available in our Publishing House. We pay attention to desirability of the activities for the teacher and the child.

With many years of experience Ms. Catherine Bayer gives us the full knowledge to provide you accurately compiled materials clarifying the organization of the educational process and teaching. Our Publishing House cooperates closely with psychologists, educators, methodologies, neurologists, curators and therapists working with the children.

Books and aids offered in the Publishing BABY CITY LTD are an ordered set of advanced tools addressed to the teachers, defining ideas, working strategies and operational aims while working with the children. These tools include content that will help the kids improve their skills as a result of educational activities. We help in the classroom through games, music, dance, theater – all just as fun. We want, through our proposals to support preschool education. We have also proposals designed to support special educational needs, to eliminate malformations associated with motor activity, coordination, lateralization, and other dysfunctions that occur among the children. We also offer new proposals eliminating aggression and conflicts, and improving emotional intelligence.

We have many plans for the extension of our offer, which we will inform you about.



Editor in Chief

Catherine Bayer